EXSIF Worldwide, the world’s leading lessor of Intermodal Tank Containers, is pleased to introduce our newest tank, designed specifically for the North American domestic market.

This new tanks outstanding features will provide Chemical Producers, Shippers & Transporters with:

  • Added flexibility

  • The ability to use multiple modes of transportation

  • Eliminate trans-loading requirements reducing risks and expenses

  • Cost effective storage applications at source or destination

  • Reduced dependence on driver and equipment availability

    With the utilization & integration of EXSIF’s Intermodal 407 tanks within your supply chain, these benefits can be realized. Our newly designed Intermodal 407 tank is suitable for a wide range of hazardous and non hazardous products, building on the proven design principals of intermodal ISO tank containers. Exercise increased control over your logistics chain through our comprehensive lease plans and service offerings. Reduce the reliance on third parties impacting your delivery schedules while introducing unprecedented levels of flexibility and cost control.

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